1.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks. You’re shocked to hear it, I know. Because I’m so good at disguising my anxiety level here on the blog.

2.  I’ve been 100% invested in this Supreme Court nomination process. All the freak in. And I don’t regret that, not for a moment. This is important. It’s also been painful.

3.  Things came to a head on Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. It was about ten minutes into Senator Collins’ speech when I realized her undecided vote would be a yes…let’s just say my day was shot.

4.  Apparently I needed to sit in my feelings for twenty-one hours or so. I cycled through maudlin, enraged, resigned, despondent, bewildered, betrayed, and furious. You know, to name a few. But after I came out the other side? Well, that’s when I realized I could sit and stew or I could use my time. I had about 31 days. Might as well make them count.

5.  By noon on Saturday I’d reached out to a friend for advice on who to contact about volunteering. Welcome to the miracle of the internet where you can reach two of the candidates as well as members of their campaign team in two hours or less. BAM.

6.  And because when I’m in I’m all in I said of course I was ready to go door to door on Sunday. Have I canvassed before? Nope. Have I volunteered locally in politics? Not really. But I am beyond pissed off and will do whatever you need to flip these seats.

7.  So I showed up on Sunday and that room was packed. People of all ages were giving up a Sunday afternoon to knock on doors, make sure people were registered to vote, and (this part is key) confirm they actually plan to vote.

7a.  Fun note: we only met one person who flat out said, “I won’t be voting.” Period. End of discussion. Not even vaguely interested in discussing the issues or why not voting isn’t a great option.

7b.  Another fun note: little old ladies with big grumpy dogs who don’t even want to say hi as you’re headed to the next house are a RIOT.

8.  So it turns out government induced rage inspires get-off-your-butt-and-move intentions. Over 3,600 steps worth. More than three miles. Am I sore? Yes. Do I feel like I’ve done something? Anything? Also yes.

9.  Fun note: Dog Halloween costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Yes, they can be everyday wear in October. This is especially adorable if your dog keeps watch in the front bay window.

10.  Thinking about canvassing for your local candidates? I totally recommend it. Here’s a few tips and tricks that might come in handy.

  • Water. Lawd, I cannot emphasize enough, THE WATER. Don’t know about your state but ours is bucking for a Hades Part Two rating.
  • Comfortable shoes. Ladies (and gents, no judgement here), this is not the time to break out those adorable little flats to match your hat. You will be walking. And walking. And then walking some more. Wear the sneakers.”
  • Tuck a few Advil or Tylenol in your pocket. You know, just in case you need one. Not that I’d know.
  • Sunscreen. Duh.