1.  Friday brought fun – so much of the fun – with a Sister lunch. I seriously love these get togethers. No distractions, no agenda, and (perhaps most important) neither one of us has to cook. God bless America. And restaurants. And the chance to sit with my very wise, very funny sister.

2.  Saturday morning brought the crash and burn. You know when you’ve felt crappy for weeks but just kept pushing and pushing because what else is there to do when life is on the line and kids have commitments and blah blah blah? Sometimes you pull out the other side, sometimes your life implodes. On Saturday my life imploded.

3.  All Urgent Care centers are not created equal. I like this one – it’s quiet, off the beaten path, with excellent staff. All good signs. You know what’s not a good sign? When there’s only one provider present. On a Saturday morning. Yikes.

4.  I still didn’t think it was that big of a problem. I mean, there were only two women sitting in the waiting area, how long could it possibly take? Bwahahahaha!!

5.  45 minutes later I was fighting drowsiness in a chair. 90 minutes in I had my election day postcards spread across an end table. At the 120 minute mark I realized I’d better reach out to my afternoon obligation. It was gonna take everything I had to drag my sorry butt back home if I ever managed to escape the Urgent Care at all.

6.  I was right. Almost three hours from start to finish plus a stint at Walgreens waiting on my prescription – by the time I got home I said hi proved I was still alive to BrightSide and poured myself into bed. There is no sleep like the one that comes after you hit the wall.

7.  We had some good doggy/kitty interactions this weekend. We also had our first hiss and swat. Good times.

8.  A woman at the rescue gave me a tip for kitties who aren’t exactly anxious to make friends with dogs in the house – dab juice from a tuna fish can on the dog and voila! Instant friends. Well, I don’t know about the instant friends part, but I think it might help Mia be at least a little curious about the dogs. I didn’t have it in me to try that experiment this weekend but we’ll try it soon for sure.

9.  So have I asked you lately if you’re registered to vote? Check your status or register now at www.vote.orgEven if you’ve already registered for your address check to make sure you’re listed as an active voter on the registry. You can also do things like get your absentee ballot, sign up for election reminders, or find out where to vote on Election Day.

10.  We have two weeks off and then winter sports will begin. I’m psyched, don’t get me wrong, but the thought of juggling two kids in two different sports at two different locations…well, it’s jamming me up. Prayers, please, for the literal patience of a saint and resilience through the flu season.