What do you know, it’s time for another anti- grateful post. Because sometimes you need to celebrate the NOTs in life.

Thank heavens I don’t/I’m not…

1.  Own an extensive hat collection. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hat, but those things are just too hard to store.

2.  Have a huge calculus exam tomorrow worth 30% of my grade. Been there, done that, had the indigestion to prove it.

3.  Trapped in a diet of dried prunes, rice cakes, lima beans, and liver.

4.  Have an automatic car wash, complete with flashing neon, strobing across the street from our house. All.Night.Long.

5.  Live someplace where the sun never sets. Because as much as I despise the oppressive darkness of winter I fear 24 hours of light every single day might break me.

6.  Trapped in a house full of dried out pens and markers.

7.  Stuck in a job that requires me to be on the phone all dang day. Been there, done that, have the gray hair to prove it.

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