“Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.”

– Stephen Graham Jones

I was a big fan of Halloween as a kid. I mean, who doesn’t love a pillowcase full of candy, right? I’m all about drowning my teeth in a sugar bath when the treat is on point.

But somewhere along the way I became – I hate to say it – one of those non-Halloweeny adults. I dunno why but I just can’t get into this holiday. Not like Thanksgiving and definitely not like Christmas. Yes, the kids are adorable and sure, there’s something to be said for unbridled joy as they fill their candy buckets. But…

Call me a Scrooge (or whatever the Halloween version is) but I’ll choose Christmas any day of the week. That being said tonight I’ll be on my porch, bowl by my side, ready to squeal over the littles’ costumes as they grab some goodies.

If you’re into Halloween then I hope you have a super spooky day. And if you’re not? Well, here’s hoping you experience a relatively painless night of trick or treaters at your door.

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