Yes, yes, children are precious. Soak up every moment because it’s gone in a flash. We Are The World, We Are The Children.

Okay, now that that’s out of our system…


ten things I really don’t miss about taking my kids trick-or-treating

1.  Agreeing on a costume that a) fits, b) isn’t stupid money, and c) doesn’t show a ridiculous amount of skin.

2.  Waging the Accessories battle when I know full well I’ll be carrying that sword or magic wand after the third house.

3.  Taking five minutes to walk up a driveway because their legs are just so short.

4.  Listening to them fuss because their legs are tired then listening to them fuss when you pick them up and carry them.

5.  The Cold Weather battle of coat versus freezing their toes off because “I’m not covering up my costume! I won’t I won’t I WON’T!”

6.  Desperately having to pee when we’re on the other side of the neighborhood.

7.  My kid desperately having to pee when we’re on the other side of the neighborhood.

8.  Having to explain that no, we can’t ask to go in that nice lady’s house to use the potty because stranger danger.

9.  Fighting to shove any sort of real food down their throats at 5:30pm so they won’t turn green by 8:00pm.

10.  Losing the Real Food battle, losing the Don’t Eat All Your Candy Out Here battle, then losing the Let’s Get Through The Night Without Puking Up Candy Corn battle.


Welcome to November, everybody. Take a deep breath and steady yourself – it’ll be 2019 before we know it.