Issues and Candidates:

An extraordinary collection of resources to help you compare candidates on issues, voting records, and campaign contributions.

866-OUR-VOTE Election Protection:

Voting information nationwide along with election protection hotlines for English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, and Arabic.

Forget About The Candidates. What Else Is On The Ballot This Week?: FiveThirtyEight

“Voters won’t just elect candidates on Tuesday. There are also more than 150 ballot measures being decided across dozens of states. These often fly under the radar because they don’t fall along clear Republican-vs.-Democrat lines, but that’s often why they’re so interesting: They force voters to engage directly with policy rather than fall back on their partisan identity. As a result, ballot measures can produce surprising results — like minimum-wage increases passing with more than 55 percent in red states. Here, grouped by subject matter, are the ballot measures to watch on election night.”

Election Day: An hour-by-hour viewer’s guide: The Hill

“For a solid hour on Tuesday, all eyes will be trained on Lexington, Ky., and its suburbs, where Rep. Andy Barr (R) is running for reelection against retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath (D).

That’s because Kentucky closes its polling places at 6 p.m. local time — and Barr’s 6th District is the only competitive race based entirely within the Eastern time zone.

Here’s an hour-by-hour look at how Election Day will unfold, and what to watch as the polls close.”

Sabato’s Crystal Ball: University of Virginia Center for Politics

Described as a comprehensive, non-partisan political analysis and handicapping newsletter produced by Editor in Chief Larry J. Sabato. It was founded in advance of the 2002 elections and keeps tabs on presidential elections as well as every race for U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and state governor. You can read more on their About page here. If you’re looking for the in-depth skinny on which way races are leaning, this is the place.

How Thousands of Already Cast Florida Ballots Could Be Tossed Aside Without Voters Knowing: Pema Levy, MotherJones

“Since moving to Florida in 2007, Paul Cauchi has voted in person in his Miami-Dade county precinct. But this year, after the county made a big push for vote-by-mail, he decided to give it a try. He labored over the lengthy ballot stuffed with amendments, then, as he recalls, carefully signed the envelope and sent it in.

But when he went on the county’s online voter information portal earlier this week to ensure that his ballot had been counted, he discovered an error message: his signature either didn’t match the version on record with the county, or he had failed to sign the envelope at all. “I felt really frustrated by it, and disappointed,” he told Mother Jones. “This is probably happening to other people.” “