1.  This cat is tiny but she is FIERCE. Launching herself into bowls, snatching dog food out from under Gracie’s snout, swatting Phoebe’s nose like “What? Whatcha gonna do about it now?” Watching her rock climb her way up the armchair tonight made me realize Mia desperately needs some theme music.

2.  Wonder if I can program this into the bells on her collar. We’d have the coolest cat on the block.

3.  Who am I kidding, we’ve already got the coolest cat on the block. Yeah, I know some of you kitty folks might argue but my blog, my rules.

4.  So what’s all the drama about canned cat food? Okay, it’s stinky, but I’ve smelled far worse in the everyday course of parenting. Cat food doesn’t even make my top ten list of stanky stuff.

5.  Didn’t think I’d ever tackle clipping those tiny nails, but that was before she drew blood up and down my legs just getting on and off my lap. Nope, no ma’am, no way. Hand me those clippers.

6.  And that ends our kitty section. Probably.

7.  We’re a week out from Thanksgiving. Guess that means I should probably get our ducks in a row for who brings what.

8.  I have a game plan this year. You see, at the last family get together I was all “oh, I’m a big girl, I just won’t eat the cake.” Self-control, right? Show some restraint, right?

9.  Nope. I ate the cake. Because it was Bee cake. And it was deliciousness.

10.  But it was also gluten-y which meant a couple of hours later I was nursing a why-the-hell-did-you-eat-that headache. So I’m thinking this year I’ll just acknowledge my utter lack of self-control around baked goods and whip up some GF brownies.

11.  Don’t tell me I can’t have dessert cuz ‘merica.

12.  Oh, and a little birdie told me about a local place that makes gluten free desserts so Joy Joy Joy.

13.  Not for nothing but I was delayed three hours starting this thing because dogs kept planting their faces on the freaking keyboard. Writing with animals – the struggle is real.

14.  And now there’s slobber on the trackpad. Sheesh.

15.  So I just processed that if next Thursday is Thanksgiving then we are full on entering the shopping sprint. ‘Tis the season.

16.  Guess I should start, you know, thinking. About the stuff. And the other stuff.

17.  Because I do so little of that now.

18.  Bwahahahaha!

19.  An informal survey. A guy calls you a bitch. You say:

a)  whatever, no big deal.

b)  see ya.

20.  Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.

Now just for kicks and giggles let’s throw in an odds and ends collection of photos…