Literally seconds – seconds! – before opening Linda’s blog to find the socs prompt I was cruising a gluten free Thanksgiving site. Because, me being me, I’m just now realizing exactly how screwed I am.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Eating the stuff with gluten makes me feel like crap and it’s not worth the price I pay. And I agree with that, I really do. For the most part.

The holiday is my sticking point.

This is my first set of Turkey Days (because Christmas is a turkey day, don’t even come at me with your roast beef or ham silliness) on the new diet food plan and it’s not looking good in a couple of very big ways.

Take Thanksgiving. Sure, I can eat the turkey and the green beans, the corn and the cranberry sauce, even the mashed potatoes are doable. But my mother’s stuffing? The recipe she got from who knows how far back in the family. The stuffing I’ve eaten every freaking year of my life is off limits. I mean, is it even Thanksgiving if I don’t have that oddly spice filled bread-y deliciousness dipped in gravy on my plate? Well, sure, technically it’s Thanksgiving because fourth Thursday and all but damn, people. That stuffing.

And because I got all up in my feelings about stuffing this morning my brain must have been on holidays in general because it struck me like lightning on a clear blue day – HOLY FREAK, CHRISTMAS COOKIES. (And no, holy freak isn’t a direct quote but I’m making an effort here so go with it.)

Have I ever told you how much I suck at the Christmas cookie thing? I really do, I own that, but seeing as I have the best big sis ever she always makes Christmas cookies for the family gathering and they’re awesome. Now your average cookie I can pass on, no problem, but she makes the Italian cookies we had growing up. I won’t bother trying to describe them because I’ve tried before and it usually devolves into a random string of words with spices and a bizarre description involving the words “icing” and “lumpy mountain shape.” Don’t ask. Let’s just say the cookies are special. Tasty, yes, but special in other ways.

The stuffing. The Italian cookies. Dammit.

Have any of you glanced down at the prompt? If you have then by now you’re like what the hell, Laura, what’s this got to do with roll/role and that’s a valid question. Literally thirty seconds before reading the prompt I was reading a recipe for gluten free rolls on that Thanksgiving site.

First, let me say how impressed I am by this woman’s commitment to creating a holiday dinner that includes lots of comforting family food staples, and those soft rolls definitely fall under that category. But damn, the ingredient list is like 15 items long and filled with stuff totally NOT in my pantry so…I’m thinking I’ll be skipping the bread.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe I’m just stubborn enough to try experimenting this year. Maybe Wednesday will be my let’s-see-if-this-works-Giving. I’ll let you know.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “roll/role. Use one, use both, it’s entirely up to you!”