20ish questions have been bumping around the blogosphere. I’ve seen several folks share their answers but it seems to reach back to Ashley at Mental Health @ Home. Okay, technically she says the questions are from My Mind Reels Through Film but I can’t find that post so there you have it.

And since my brain’s on the fritz and the cat’s gone nutty and the kids are, well, kids it seems like a perfect night for 20ish questions. Let’s go.

1.  What’s the most dangerous situation you have ever been in? Great. First question and I’m drawing a complete blank. This is off to a stellar start.

2.  What’s your favorite culture? Is it biased to say Italian? I love the slower pace, the food, the way they spend hours over a meal so they can spend time with one another. Plus it’s a beautiful language.

3.  What do you dislike about your own culture? The way we measure success.

4.  Your favorite type of travel? Leisure. I love going someplace with no agenda – if I want to explore, then I explore. If I want to lie on a beach listening to the ocean, then I pack a good book and sunscreen. There’s nothing like discovering someplace at my own pace.

5.  Do you feel understood? Honestly, it depends on whose company I’m keeping and what I’m going through. I’d say I feel understood by my closest family and friends most of the time and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

6.  How do you feel about your body? Ugh pretty much sums it up. I’m old enough to recognize how much bullshit pressure floats around out there but young enough to still care that my 20-something body has gone AWOL. Dammit.

7.  What is your favorite film? Today? Let’s say The Princess Bride. Westley: “Why won’t my arms move?” Fezzik: “You’ve been mostly-dead all day.”

8. Are you adventurous with food? I doubt anyone adventurous would say so. I’d like to think I’m openminded but when even the tamest suggestions like escargot make me pause, well…honesty demands I say no, I’m not terribly adventurous with food.

9.  Have you ever hated a place and wanted to come home? If you can call a cruise ship a place then yes. YES.

10.  Are you bothered about others seeing you naked? So the totally zen part of me is all what are you talking about, being naked is natural, what’s to be bothered about but then the real me just laughs and laughs and laughs.

11.  Are you a good loser? No. Unless I make a concerted effort to model appropriate sportsmanship then kinda.

12.  What was the favorite time of your life? I’d say the last few years of college. There was a freedom in only being responsible for myself that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time.

13.  Do you have a close family connection? My brother and sister. We’re pretty tight even though distance sometimes makes it hard to get together.

14.  Can you speak another language? I can speak parts of several. I’ve retained a strange smattering of high school French and can muddle through with Italian. Now if I can just become fluent in Spanish…

15.  Will Trump be in for another term? Damn, man, why you gotta bring it down like that? I hope with every single fiber of my being that 2020 will be the year people rally to a) end that “drain the swamp, you need an outsider, no more politics as usual” experiment, b) resoundingly reject the alt-right/racist/dog whistle approach Trump embraces, and c) return to America’s bedrock principles. It would be inspiring to see this nation elect a world leader with ethics and a belief in the value of (all) human life.

16.  What are your thoughts on English people? They have the coolest accents. I don’t really get their obsession with hot tea but whatever, you do you.

17.  Was life better without mobile phones? No. Things may be trickier now that so many of us walk around with a computer in our pocket, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

18.  What has been the biggest change in your life? That’s gotta be when the kids came along. I thought I was adulting when I got married but it’s next level when a small human depends on you for food, clothing, transportation, and every other blessed thing under the sun.

19.  Is climate change real? Duh.

20.  Why do you like answering questions? Lots of reasons. It gives me a jumping off point when I’ve stalled out on post ideas or I’m too distracted to hone one start to finish. They’re a change from the typical. Sometimes the questions lead me in a direction I’ve never gone on the blog, and that’s always a cool thing.


Go on, answer a question or two in the comments. All the cool kids are doing it. 😆