If you open up a Google search window you’ll see two boxes beneath the subject field, “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Let’s see what happens when we tell them how lucky I feel. Ooh, look! It’s like spinning the giant wheel of fortune!

Spin 1: “I’m Feeling Artistic”

Moonrise over the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich, 1822

At first I was like um, okay, so there’s art on here. Like art, art. I guess this falls under the cool internet resources in the arts category.

Spin 2: “I’m Feeling Generous”

Google One Today.

Apparently Google developed a philanthropic app. It uses photos and summaries to show how just $1 can make an impact in the world. An app that promotes generosity? Hmm.

Spin 3: “I’m Feeling Hungry”

Okay, I’m not linking this one because I’m a little wigged out it just pulled up a list of restaurants near my home. Love you, mean it, but I think we’ll skip that level of looping you into my life.

Spin 4: “I’m Feeling Curious”

“What’s in disposable diapers – and are they safe for your baby?”

a) Don’t wanna know, b) never wanna know, and c) my kids made it through just fine, thanks.

Spin 5: “I’m Feeling Adventurous”

A whole page full of breathing exercises for stress management and relaxation.


Spin 6: “I’m Feeling Playful”

I won’t lie, I was a little nervous hitting spin on this one because the internet but it linked me to a strange little animation of the Google search screen. It’s not exactly my idea of playful but whatevs.

Spin 7: “I’m Feeling Curious”

“How much is 20 pounds of quarters worth?”

Well, damn, I do want to know how much 20 pounds of quarters is worth. Thanks, Google.

Say, wasn’t that fun. Wonder what else we can find trolling around out there…

Top 5 Google searches today:

  • Michael Cohen [That makes sense. You can’t lie to Congress, dude.]
  • The Possession of Hannah Grace [huh?]
  • 2.0 [a movie, apparently]
  • Hugh Jackman [admit it, you’re wondering what he’s been up to]
  • Luka Doncic [yeah, google that one]

Top 5 auto-fill searches for “How to…”:

  • how to make slime
  • how to tie a tie
  • how to get rid of gnats [really? it’s that big of a problem?]
  • how to screenshot
  • how to draw [call me picky but that seems a bit broad]

Top 5 results for “Trump”:

  • his freaking Twitter feed
  • his campaign website [yes, really]
  • The New York Times’ opinion piece “Trump is Compromised by Russia”
  • a CNBC link to a Trump interview about automaker jobs in Ohio [except it doesn’t link]
  • “The smoke around Donald Trump and Russia is choking his presidency” by Chris Cillizza at CNN.com

Top 5 results for “top five”:

  • top five football teams
  • top five codes for an emergency room
  • top five codes for a family practice
  • top five pokemon [seriously??]
  • top five gaming


Come on, you knew Knickers had to make an appearance.

Go forth and Google on, people. There are good times to be had with your search engine!