“Magic is all around us…”


Sorry, guys, I’m in a mood and when I’m in a mood it can be really hard to stomach the “isn’t it a magical season?” pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I can still find the magic, but few things send me ballistic quicker than someone looking at my purpled face and piping up with “Don’t you just love the Christmas spirit??”

Gee, Janet, I sure do. I love the feeling in the air when my dog eats the last roll of scotch tape and the cat gets stuck in the tree and the kids have decided to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus by killing each other slowly with middle school madness. Who doesn’t love that, am I right?

But I’ll tell you some magic I appreciate no matter my mood.

The UPS guy. These folks show up, rain or shine, crazed dog barking or not, and literally put purchases on my actual doorstep. I will never get over the magic of that because I still remember the dark days of marathon shopping excursions at the malls that ended in migraines and an exhaustion so all-encompassing I slept for HOURS afterward. HOURS.

My tiny little gold angel ornament I’ve been hanging since I was a little girl. Grandma G. gave them to us and Bee has one just like it hanging on her tree (well, except that one has her name etched on it, but same). So does J. I always hang it high up so there’s no danger of canine ingestion (dammit, Gracie) or hijacking by kid (it could happen) then front and center so when I’m dangerously close to losing my shit – But ’tis the Season! Shut up, Janet – I can look up and remember.

Coffee. There just aren’t words to express the magic that is coffee from the Keurig, doctored by my own two hands, and poured into a Yeti cup because hot is meant to be hot. Period.

Soft, fleecy sweatshirts. Soft, fleecy slippers. Soft, fleecy jammies. Soft, fleecy blankets. So basically we’re looking at soft and fleecy.

It’s magic, baby.

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