1.  So guess what, you guys – IT SNOWED. Like real snow, not that weird little dusting that shifts to sleet one hour in and melts any white that was out there. It’s s-n-o-w, it’s beautiful, and it’s probably gonna create enormous problems. But let’s back up.

2.  We’d been staring down the barrel at this storm all last week. The predictions were pretty extreme – it’s SNOWMAGEDDON! – but folks around here have a healthy sense of skepticism when it comes to winter forecasts. They’re just skeptical enough to doubt its actual arrival but not too skeptical to keep from emptying bread and milk from the stores. Which makes days like yesterday a roll of the dice.

3.  I land in the middle of the road here. I dropped in to buy stuff for chili and turkey burgers then picked up an extra carton or two of milk. I also topped off my gas tank (like I’m driving anywhere on these roads – bwahahahaha!!). I stop short of stockpiling supplies like a survivalist, though.

4.  While we were all scurrying around preparing for Just In Case Snowmageddon, the kids’ school was preparing for a massive holiday event. Two Broadway stars were due to fly in on Friday, do workshops with the students, then perform on Saturday and let me tell you what – we were doing some serious praying that the weather would hold off long enough for the show to go on. Mother Nature heard us.

5.  Y’all. Check out these voices. Swoon.

6.  Saturday night’s show was spectacular. Inspiring. Breathtaking. And they were actually really nice people to boot.

7.  We rolled back in around 11:30 that night and managed to get everybody tucked into beds before the snow started (supposedly around 1:00am but I couldn’t swear to it because hello, sleeping). I woke up early with that weird feeling – you know the one you get when it’s just a little too quiet, like something outside weighed down the air. Because I’m stubborn I fought the clock and managed another hour of sleep or so.

8.  When I wandered out to the family room big fat flakes were falling steadily and there was SO MUCH SNOW in the yard. You know it’s something special when everyone who wanders in bursts out with a Whoa… Everywhere you looked it was white and bright and it just kept coming. And I have to admit I had a moment when I thought hmm, maybe I should have picked up that bread and peanut butter…but bygones.

9.  Our lights flickered a few times last evening – did you hear the cries of nooooooo from your place? – but the power held. Crap. I’d better go knock on something so we make it through the night.

10.  They called off school for Monday (no surprise) and I’m cool, I could use a day off from the usual schedule. The thought that laid me out flat, though, was that it’s less than a week until we host my family Christmas and I’m sitting here staring at laundry that needs folding and counters that need clearing and about a zillion other things that need doing. Things that are 100% impossible once a dog or kitten plants itself firmly in your lap and looks at you like what, you’re not planning to get up any time soon, right? Ah, well, tomorrow’s another day. Another day I’ll want to snuggle up with something lovie but another day nonetheless. Happy Monday, everyone!