What’s the worst topping you could put on popcorn?   (credit to Teresa for this one)

I feel my imagination’s lacking in this area. Maybe weird spices like sage or oregano? Though why you’d ever do that I don’t know…

In what country did Silent Night originate?

So there’s a disclaimer with this question about how it’s meant to spark (see what I did there?) discussion and we’re all adults so don’t kick up any ridiculous feuds over the origins of Silent Night. Which makes me feel even more ridiculous for a) not caring what anyone’s answer is to this question, and b) having to admit that I have no freaking idea where Silent Night originated. At this point I’m even beginning to question if Melanie meant the song or if there’s another meaning I’m missing….

Since this isn’t multiple choice (C! I pick C!) I feel safe in saying it wasn’t the United States. We’re a little too new for most of those way traditional things.

How would you react if there was irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist? How about if there was irrefutable proof that God does exist?

If there was irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist then I’d still firmly believe in the tenets of kindness, love, and becoming your best self. And if there was irrefutable proof that God does exist? Same.

What is the scariest non banned item you could take on to a plane?

A well-worn copy of Planked: the Modern Girl’s Guide to Murder through the Culinary Arts.

Which version of the holiday celebration do you and your family enjoy?  By this I mean do you follow Jewish traditions with Hanukkah; Christian celebrations with Christmas and (for those over the pond) Boxing Day; or some other festivities that I’ve overlooked?   Please do share with everyone!  I truly feel that this sort of question lets us know a little more about our fellow bloggers without getting too personal (i.e. revealing too much of private lives, which some folks prefer to keep private.)

We follow the Christian tradition of celebrating Christmas.

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