Dick and Jane stayed up late.

Dick and Jane stayed up very late.

Dick and Jane stayed up so late they saw the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

They do not want the crazy. They do not want the mean.

Dick and Jane made a plan for 2019.


Dick and Jane say don’t be an ass.

Let that car into line. Find the trash can. Step outside to take your call. Maybe try driving like you’re not the only person on the interstate who needs to get somewhere.


Dick and Jane say count to ten.

Before you hit send. Before you tweet. Before you rip your kid a new one. Before you throw an entire chicken in the trash because dammit, WHERE IS THE FREAKING CORIANDER?!


Dick and Jane say get your Zzzzzzs.

Lack of sleep greatly increases the chance of dumbassery. Don’t be a dumbass. Get your sleep.


Dick and Jane say go with the flow.

Lost your keys? Eh. Dropped a carton of eggs? Okay. Backed into the mailbox again? At least you’re not hurt. Dropped everything to make an offer on a house and put your own on the market because your gut told you to? Now you’re getting the hang of it.


Dick and Jane say new year, new you, new chance to make things right.

Just do the next right thing. Don’t worry about how impossible it seems or get bogged down in the never ending stress of it all. Don’t fixate on mistakes made or bridges burned. It’s a new year and a new you – just do the next right thing.