You know how sometimes you’re sitting there, joking around, dreaming big dreams and goofing off about nothing in particular until you move on to the next thing? Except maybe it wasn’t really joking around. Not entirely. And maybe a day or two later you realize hey there, now that you mention it, I actually wasn’t kidding, and I actually would turn our lives upside down. You know, if the time is right. And it kinda feels right, at least to me. You game?

Then just like that you’re off to the races.

So it seems we’re putting our house on the market. This is big stuff, but I can do big stuff. I tell myself this all the time. We ran away over Christmas break which, given the deadline we’re on, seemed like a colossally bad idea at the time. Then again, I literally lost the boarding passes for the second leg of our trip on the way out of town so that should tell you where my head was. In over twenty years of travel I’ve never lost a boarding pass and let me tell you, that oh shit WE CAN’T GET ON THE PLANE moment as everyone else boarded the connecting flight is one I’m not eager to repeat.

Point being, my brain was fried. I needed the break. I took the break. Plus nonrefundable plane tickets, man. That’s no joke.

But now I’m back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, that vengeance will have to be aimed at the house for a while so if I’m hit or miss on the blog just assume I’m trapped under some boxes and will eventually reemerge for sustenance.

In the meantime, think happy real estate thoughts for us.