“Everybody is to blame. And when we exhaust everybody, everybody else is to blame, too. Friends, employees, radio stations, the record labels, concert venues, etc. R. Kelly had so many enablers around him it’s mind-boggling. And the parents of some of the victims need to go ahead and start a support group for parents who fed their children to R. Kelly. Put Sparkle and her family in there, too. I understand how and why Sparkle is so upset with herself because she should be.

So so so many folks ignored their instincts and every employee who saw any of that untoward stuff they were able to articulate in the documentary needs to go to jail, too. Complicity, thy name is R. Kelly’s staff and handlers.”

11 Thoughts About Surviving R. Kelly Now That I’ve Had a Chance to Process It All: Panama Jackson, verysmartbrothas