BrightSide and I have handled our fair share of moves. The one out to St. Louis, then the one into our first house. The one back to North Carolina followed by the one into another first house. The one across town followed by the one to our place closer to cows, and now we’re looking at one more. So it’s not like this is our first rodeo.

But what I just now realized is that this is our first move with 3,000 puzzle pieces.

We’re buying a house from people who are still living in the house so they have to get out before we can get in.

We’re selling a house while still living under its roof so we have to get out before the buyers can get in.

The buyers aren’t pushing us out but they’re ready to move in so we’re not pushing our sellers out but we’re ready to move in and it turns out they’re ready to move out so we’re ready to move in so our buyers are ready to move in, too. [And breathe…]

We have to get out before we can close on this house so we can turn over the keys.

But we can’t close on the house where we’re going until we close on the house that we’re selling because down payment and closing costs and other real estate finance mumbo jumbo.

So there’s selling and buying and packing and loading and unloading and cleaning and how for the love of all that’s holy do people sort this mess out??

It’s like a snake eating it’s tail. Where’s the beginning? Where’s the end? Where’s the rake to kill the thing?

Can I get an amen?