Holy smokes, y’all, Eli over at Coach Daddy has published my first ever guest blog! To say I’m honored is an understatement on the scale of “I guess Ben and Jerry’s is okay.”

It went live yesterday but house projects kept me off this here fancy laptop until today so now I’m telling all you fine people to head on over and check it out. Pretty please.

Here’s a bit to get you started.

“I recently found myself in Barnes and Noble searching for Spanish dictionaries and a “civil war era novel” for school – thanks, helpful B&N employee, but I don’t think Gone With the Wind is gonna be my son’s jam, let’s try something else – when it hit me. It’s been for-e-ver since I’ve been in a bookstore. Forever! I stood in the middle of the store turning slow circles like Julie Andrews, just barely managing not to sing about the hills being alive with the sound of boooooks. Oh, I wanted to, but I was pretty sure my son would melt into a puddle of humiliation on the spot so I refrained.

Bonus mama points for me.”

Guest Post: Laura, of Riddle From the Middle, on books she likes as much as she does ice cream: Coach Daddy