That’s right. Because there’s not nearly enough going on with the buying of houses and selling of houses and inspections/negotiations/repairs of said houses, the cat has decided to pee inappropriately. (That’s an actual veterinary term, not just me being judgmental.) On my dining room table. Full stop.

Okay, to be fair, she’s peeing on items on top of my dining room table. Not much better, though. I was doing my own at-home diagnoses but after it happened a few times – plus her eye got kind of puffy, and she needed her Advantage anyway – well, I bit the bullet and went to the vet.

UTIs are no joke. I doubt the cat would enjoy it either so better safe than sorry.

Good(ish) news? Mia probably doesn’t have a UTI. At the risk of oversharing she doesn’t do lots of little pees or cry or strain or have blood in her urine – seriously, every time a doctor asks about that last symptom I want to say I WOULD HAVE LED WITH THAT. It’s an educated guess because much like a car’s mystery clunking Mia’s bladder was uncooperative when they went to look under the hood, but I’m feeling pretty solid here.

Which leads us to behavioral issues. Go ahead, smirk. The irony of my cat having issues isn’t lost on me.

It’s not like this has been an easy couple of months. Mia had finally settled into our family when the holidays started. Suddenly this relatively quiet house – if you ignore the shouts of “GRACIE!” – kept filling up with people.

Then we basically lost our minds, tossing decorations into the attic on Christmas Day before disappearing for a week. We showed back up only to pack half the house and make it vanish over a weekend, and that’s when the real nutty hit.

Photos for the house listing. Frantic cleanings for house showings. Last minute scoop and grabs to tote Mia off for a few hours. The disruption was almost continuous and bless her kitty heart, she doesn’t even know the worst is yet to come.

My big plan at the moment? Buy another litter box.

That’s right. Things I learned from that $100 vet visit:

Number of litter boxes = number of cats plus one. Because sometimes cats like to pee and poop in different places. Or they don’t want to enter a room because it’s noisy. Or they’ve got some other weird cat thing going on. Whatever.

Wipe Mia’s face with a warm washcloth once a day to clear her eyes.

Experiment with pheromone spray. Because apparently all bets are off when it comes to cats peeing on my dining room table.