What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

These days I’m a lazy bones homebody at heart. Weekends are made for sleeping in, movies, blogging, reading, and spending time with family and close friends.

Who do you admire most in the world?

I’m struggling with “most” here. I have two women in my life who are so stunningly strong that I’m in awe of what they’ve accomplished. Courage, determination, grit, compassion, and a capacity to grow that is truly inspiring – they both qualify as someone I most admire in the world.

 What do you regret not doing?

I don’t regret anything because every choice I’ve made in my life has led me to this very moment right here right now blah blah blah…

Except I kinda regret not majoring in creative writing in college. That would have been cool.

If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or over/in it?

Around. Guess I’m a fuddy duddy.


This week, instead of gratitude/thankful for question(s), I’m asking romantic, squishy booby hug, possibly sappy and overly sugary QUESTIONS about love:

If you have an S.O. or spouse,  how do you know that they want to make love, without them saying a word?

Yikes. Next question.

What’s the most romantic gesture your lover has ever done for you?

BrightSide surprised me on our twentieth anniversary with an incredibly beautiful ring.

What items would your romantic dinner for two contain?

Pre-gluten free eating this would have been a no brainer: pasta, garlic bread, salad, wine, and our favorite desserts.

Nowadays it would probably be a simple roasted salmon with butter, steamed carrots and broccoli (it’s better than it sounds), roasted baby potatoes, salad, and wine.

Does your lover make your heart pound and your pulses race or is it a more comfortable together, I’m so glad (s)he is with me kind of thing?   Do they make your heart melt?

I’ve been in both of these stages. Mostly I’d say we’re in a remarkably comfortable place. BrightSide’s my other half. He’s the first one I want to tell when I’ve got news, the first one I reach for when I need a hug, the only one I want snuggled up with me at night. He’s my everything and I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to find someone like him to share my life with. Plus he still kinda makes my heart melt.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.