I was drawing a complete blank yesterday. A post for Thursday, a post for Thursday, what on earth can I write about…suddenly I realized hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! Maybe I should look back at posts from years past.

Imagine my surprise to find I have an RFTM tradition. Who knew.

This year we shall tackle Valentines haikus. Enjoy.

The chocolates melt
in a preheating oven,
a poor hiding place.

My love burns brighter
than the fitting room lighting
in a swimsuit store.

Don’t call me baby
then take the last piece of pie.
I’d hate to cut you.

The dog may love you
but not as much as she loves
snuffling sweaty balls.

Your mom always said
you weren’t raised in a barn.
Just buy the damn card.

You know what they say –
Fries and pies come before guys.
Can’t argue with that.

It may be true that
I roll my eyes, but only
because you’re crazy.

If I don’t write a
line using “roses are red”
does it even count?

I love a man who
gets why I can’t watch zombies
eat somebody’s brain.

We go together
like butter and warm biscuits
at a Sunday brunch.