A few of my favorites over the years.

I love so much about this photo – the colors, the perspective, the seagull convention at the end of the walkway. We were out walking a boardwalk at the Outer Banks when BrightSide was kind enough to let me use his phone to grab this shot.

I took this while we were in Grand Teton National Park. All the photos of my wind crazed hair are a mess from that day, but the nature ones are stunning. I love the sunlight in this photo.

Here’s one from Yellowstone Park that grabs me right off the bat, and I finally put my finger on the reason. The bison is striking. He catches my eye since he’s in the foreground and sits on the longest plane of color in the photo, but then behind that there are all these segments – the edge of the grass meets the hill, then the hill behind that, then the mountain in the distance. All those lines are cool to me.

This is another perspective shot. I snap a lot of these and so many come back to a “huh? why did I think that angle looked good?” but then there are ones that turn out like this. Thank goodness for digital cameras with endless tries. This is from Muir Woods National Park in California.

Do I need to say anything other than sea lions?? Okay. There’s the sunlight on his face, that glistening back, the water splashing off his tail…plus all his little lazy friends basking in the sun together.

Most of my photos have a clear central focus. I love the stillness in this one – the way the young mule deer almost appears out of nowhere. This was also taken in Grand Teton National Park. It was a good day.

I can’t not include this photo. I’ve taken a lot of photos I love, but this was the first one that really took my breath away. It showed me what catching the light in just the right way can do.