1.  That’s it, guys. Thirty minutes. Half an hour while the first load of sheets are in the washer and I inhale some coffee and my 500th KIND bar this month.

2.  I’m living on peanut butter breakfast bars (shout out, KIND company! you good folks are keeping me fed) and Moe’s takeout right now. So I’m packing up my kitchen and looking around thinking, “Hey, look at all these fancy knives. I remember doing…well, something with these things. The slicing and the chopping and such. There used to be a cutting board and some spices involved…” I have a freaking mortar and pestle, people! There used to be real food in here! I am missing the real food.

3.  I wonder if moving related scurvy is a thing.

4.  And if you’d told me ten years ago that I’d miss cooking I’d have called you crazy. Life is weird.

5.  Yesterday was pull-all-that-crap-out-of-the-attic-and-drag-it-downstairs-because-I’m-not-paying-to-move-it-dammit day. Good times. That’s all me, too, because BrightSide is super zen about this process. Or at least we take turns on the wig out moments. That’s the sign of a great partnership – you don’t lose your shit simultaneously so there’s someone there to pull you back from the edge.

6.  Which means I’m totally rocking the drill sergeant boots around here and that’s fine, I’m channeling my mother every single day. Have I told you guys she executed nineteen moves as a military wife? NINETEEN. Some of them across freaking oceans.

7.  So when BrightSide asked are you sure you want to do this – ie. sort everything we own, donate/trash/pack everything up, truck it all out, squat at the cabin for a few nights (shout out, mom&popH!), load it all in, then unpack our entire life on the other end – I said Hell, yeah, I’ve got this.

8.  Most days I’m pretty sure I’ve got this.

9.  The others I figure I’ll just buy new underwear if mine gets lost in the move.

10.  Hey, look at that, 28 minutes and counting. Just enough time to publish and roll on. Happy Monday, everybody!