Ah, those days of starry eyed youth when we’d stare all moony at one another and declare ourselves soulmates…

I remember being horrified when I first heard someone say they didn’t believe in the idea of having a soulmate. I was young at the time and very committed to the concept of One True Love. Looking for The One who completes me. Stars and music and swooning over the beauty of it all. When the concept of true love revolves around these sort of all or nothing feels – well, somebody coming along to say “nope, doesn’t work that way” feels a little…scary. Topsy turvy. Like what the hell are we even doing here, man?!

If I didn’t have a soulmate then who would I spend the rest of my days with? HOW WILL I EVER BE HAPPY??


It took a while to grasp a few deep truths.

**  I am in charge of my happiness. Not some prince on a white horse. Not some dreamboat who likes to cook. Me.

**  Demanding another human being fill every requirement for the perfect companion? That’s a pretty tall order. Talk about putting pressure on a relationship.

**  Have you found someone who respects and honors you? Lifts you up in your success and supports you in failure? Are you the best version of yourself when you’re together? Congratulations. You’ve found the mate to your soul.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “soul/sole. Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!”