1.  You cannot put a price on being eight minutes from the school. Especially when you’re there for meetings or sports awards three nights in a row. Seriously, guys, I almost wept with relief our first week here.

2.  I hear people noises. I’m on a slow learning curve so it may take me six months or more to realize a car door might not mean BrightSide’s home.

3.  It’s possible to make late night runs for things like Coldstone or Cookout or Alright Alright Alright nachos from Moe’s. Hallelujah!

4.  Kid #1 doesn’t have to sit in a parking lot with me for forty-five minutes because kid #2 is too close to being finished for turn around drop off time.

5.  “We’re sorry but this service is not yet available in your area” messages are few and far between.

6.  Mail carriers show up. Reliably. And packages get delivered to my actual address. Reliably. It’s like the postal service is an entirely different entity here.

7.  Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery isn’t an urban myth.

8.  When the low gas light goes on I actually have a better than decent chance of making it to a gas station before my car clunks to a halt.

9.  Forgetting something at home isn’t necessarily a crisis situation. Sometimes, sure. But not necessarily.

10.  You can see the stars here, too. Imagine that.