1.  We had a bit o’ weather come through here on Friday. If you live somewhere along the east coast you probably caught some of the same. Big rain. Big storms. Big hail. Oh, and maybe a tornado or two. This was a good news, bad news, et cetera situation.

2.  Good news: We have a basement. Since I don’t plan to build a bunker this is as good as it gets for storm protection around here. Solid awesomeness.

3.  Bad news: There’s a lot of windows down there. A LOT. Basically a wall of windows. Which is good when you’re looking at the birds and the trees and the pretty pretty flowers, but when you’re watching torrential rain with potentially dangerous winds and flying debris? Not so good.

4.  Good news: There’s a small office in the basement with zero windows – quite a few boxes, yes, but no windows. Plus a teeny bathroom. No windows in there either. Score.

5.  Bad news: We had a lot of bodies to smoosh in those spaces. There were three solid sized teens here, plus the two big dogs (one of whom was being cranky with our friend), the kitty, and me. Yikes.

6.  Good news: I have absolutely no problem lying to my kid who gets panicky in stressful situations. When that one asks if everything’s okay the answer is yes. Always yes. Unless I’m bleeding profusely from a head wound and need them to call 911, everything’s fine thankyouverymuch.

7.  Bad news: The buggers are oddly perceptive at the most inconvenient times. On your average Tuesday it’s, “Fine, I’ll take out the trash later.” but factor in meteorologists predicting impending doom and suddenly it’s all, “Hey, mom? Is everything okay?”

8.  Good news: They drop it when I answer yes. And by some miracle I managed to hustle upstairs, grab shoes, a flashlight, and extra blankets, then scoot back to the office without breaking into a telltale sweat. Kinda. I might have been a little wheezy, but that also could have been because I was wrestling Phoebe into the bathroom and she was Not Having It. Bless her whole heart BUT GET IN THE DAMN BATHROOM, DOG.

9.  As the kids found out, I don’t play. Tornado warning? Let’s watch tv in the basement, it won’t kill you to hang out down there. But when a meteorologist says the cone’s tracking directly overhead, the cells are tight, and it’s hitting in four minutes? Hell’s bells, don’t complain to me about how you don’t have your good pillow from your bed, just get in the office. (Sure, sure, everything’s fine, got the cat?)

10.  The kids already had a lockdown at school that morning for a tornado warning. Bear’s classmate got upset but our kid’s perspective seems to be if it’s her time to go then nothing she does would change that. I get it. I’m a believer. I’m also a believer in being prepared. So if it’s our time to go, okay, but it can’t be our time to go because we didn’t bother to walk twenty extra steps to another room. Get on board.