“The system that aims at educating our boys and girls in the same manner as in the circus where the trainer teaches the lion to sit on a stool, has not understood the true meaning of education itself. Instead of being like a circus where the trainer uses his stick to make animals do stunts to serve the interest of the audience, the system of education should be like an Orchestra where the conductor waves his stick to orchestrate the music already within the musicians’ heart in the most beautiful manner. The teacher should be like the conductor in the orchestra, not the trainer in the circus.”

– Abhijit Naskar, The Education Decree

Today’s post is for all the conductors I know who put their heart and soul into teaching our children.

Many of our North Carolina teachers have traveled to Raleigh today to rally for education. Their priorities:

  • $15 minimum wage for all school personnel; 5% raise for all non-certified staff, teachers, and administration; 5% cost of living adjustment for retirees
  • Meet national standards for number of school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and other health professionals.
  • Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families
  • Reinstate state retiree health benefits eliminated by the General Assembly in 2017
  • Restore advanced degree compensation stripped by the General Assembly in 2013

Visit Red4EdNC to learn more. Visit neaToday: Red for Ed to learn about the movement nationwide.

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