Howard U’s President Dropped a Statement About Walking Dogs On The Yard; Here’s How It Reads In My Head: Panama Jackson, VerySmartBrothas

“Washington, DC, is in the midst of a culture war between the new residents who want to mold the city into their own version of VanillaTown and the folks who didn’t ask for any of this shit but now have to defend their ways of life. Yes, we’re talking gentrification. From new residents of Chinatown trying to stop the kids from playing music near the Gallery Place Metro, DC’s current mayor (who is black), Muriel Bowser ignorantly trying to erase quintessential DC culture, the #DontMuteDC movement near Howard University’s campus to the recent issue ON Howard’s campus where residents have taken to using Howard’s Yard as a dog park, with one resident even suggesting that if Howard doesn’t like it, the university should move. Read that again.”

How to explain what a “period” is to your son (and why you SHOULD): Baby Sideburns

“So the other day I asked my hubby to unpack our suitcase and bring it to the basement and he REFUSED to touch my wrapped unused tampons. I probably should be annoyed by his immaturity, but honestly I was able to shrug it off because other than this minor flaw, I think of my hubby as a very modern, open-minded, mature man.

I mean this is the guy who literally splits the household chores with me 50/50. This is the guy who truly believes his daughter is as likely to become the president as much as his son. This is the guy who stood there and watched me give birth to two kiddos and never once flinched.

So I questioned him thoroughly about his tamponaphobia because it seemed out of line with who he is.”

Sis, Stop Playing House and Playing Yourself: Any Man Who Really Loves You Will Want to Marry You: Kinfolk Kollective

“How can a man convince a woman he loves her, give her multiple children and then not marry her to ensure that minimally she is entitled to social security benefits that will help her make up for his income in the event of his death? How can any man who truly loves a woman not want to provide for her in life and death? How can a man tell you that he doesn’t need the government in his business when it comes to the marriage that will make you eligible for all kinds of health, retirement and legal benefits but have no problem involving the government in his business when he wants an income tax refund?

I’m calling bullshit and I want you to, sis.”

This is Why Your Wife Hates You: Must Be This Tall To Ride

” “Why does my wife hate me?”

My initial reaction was to tell you that your wife doesn’t hate you, but the uncomfortable truth is that she might. She might actually hate you. Let’s deal with it.

The definition for ‘hate,’ according to Merriam-Webster, is “a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; b: extreme dislike or disgust.”

And that sounds about right.”

And, The Volatile Mermaid in some of her twitterverse glory.