1.  Sleeping until nine without waking up in a cold sweat at the thought of small people wreaking havoc in your kitchen.

2.  A long bath followed by perfectly chilled wine and uninterrupted This is Us binge watching.

3.  Magically frizz free hair. Without spending 90 minutes wrangling it.

4.  Tops that neither cling nor look like circus tents.

5.  Silence. Sweet, golden silence.

6.  Drinking a hot cup of coffee while it’s still, you know, hot.

7.  No cleaning. None. Not a cup, not a counter, not if the dog decides to puke.

8.  No cleaning the next day because nobody stepped up and handled it on Mother’s Day because somebody stepped up and handled it on Mother’s Day.

9.   The perfect hiding spot for all the sugar contraband your heart desires.

10.  One day – just one – when your brain doesn’t have to hold all the minutiae in the universe locked in place.