You never really know what you’ll get when the days are long and the evenings short and there’s a party that involves vodka, soda, and lime. Hang on to your socks, people.

We’re now 39 whopping hours away from end of school – 30 if you count from read- instead of write-time – and it is PARTY CENTRAL up in here. Academics? Done. Sports? Done. Homework and tests and final projects? Done. Our last hurdle is the  final academic awards ceremony and then we’re outta here. Summertime, here we come. Woo hooo!

Speaking of summertime, say it with me, people. SUNSCREEN.

I cannot even with the “Do Not Attempt” at the bottom of tv commercials. I’m sorry, but is there really a person on the planet who thinks they can float across the Grand Canyon by holding onto a red balloon??

Can someone explain why my face breaks out like a convict facing three life sentences any time I’ve got an official function to, you know, look nice for? Come on, now.

On a related note, until they make a concealer that alters the effects of light in the known universe I’m pretty much out of luck. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, PERIMENOPAUSE IS THE BEST.

I was introduced to a Kendra Scott store today. Here, in no particular order, are my impressions. a) So Much Fun. b) Seriously. SO MUCH FUN. c) It is really, super, unbelievably easy to think that yes, you deserve to have that necklace just for surviving a jewelry shopping experience with your 13-year-old. But you’d be wrong.

Boy, today’s political news was nothing short of a sh*t storm. Bless.

T-man’s been on a school trip this week and Mia’s beside herself. Don’t tell me cats don’t bond with their humans. She is gonna be one thrilled kitty tomorrow afternoon.

This is it – I officially have a least favorite question. We’ve finally come to the point where I either have to wholeheartedly embrace lying or actually finish unpacking this freaking house. Ugh.