It was 11:30pm. I’d cried my way through the end of Steel Magnolias and finally managed a semi-decent Monday morning rundown – not the great American novel, but something I’d be willing to put on the web? Eh, okay. It’s getting on toward midnight, my eyes are closing, we’re done.


Words can’t describe the moment you hit Save and get a screen that says, “Link is no longer active.” Not the shocked confusion, not the furious reloading of the page, not the internal shrieking that slowly gets louder and louder until it blocks all reasoned thought except a single phrase: I HATE WORDPRESS.

No, not most of the time, but eat my post when it’s almost midnight? Yeah, “hate” is a pretty accurate description. Fast forward to cleaning up the lake house, closing it down, packing up the cars, trundling back to town, unpacking the cars, and handling animal stuff and you’ve got a recipe for non-blogging.

Except I’m getting stubborn about posting every day so here we are at 6pm, me throwing my thoughts out there, you stuck reading a post about why I can’t put my original post on the blog. Riveting, I know. Tomorrow will be better.

Unless WP decides to flush that one down the toilet, too.