Twitter and Instagram were filled with thoughtful comments on Memorial Day. Respect, wishes and remembrances, honoring the fallen. I even saw this one.

But then I came across a graphic with soldiers raising the American flag. Stamped across it in huge letters: “Bet you’re glad they didn’t take a knee!”

I roughly translate this as “Bet you’re glad these men stood up to defend our flag and all that’s great about America instead of kneeling like a bunch of lazy ass ungrateful losers AMEN.”

Jesus, take the wheel.

First of all, yes I’m glad people fought for what’s right in the world. It was incredibly brave and far too many didn’t make it home. But second? The part that insinuates people who #takeaknee are less American than these soldiers? Let’s hit it again, maybe louder for the folks in the back.

People who take a knee aren’t protesting America.

They don’t hate the flag. They aren’t disrespecting the anthem or the military or America itself. They aren’t ungrateful pro athletes who oughta just shut up and play for their paychecks already.

They. are. protesting. police. brutality. in. America.


We can disagree. We can discuss. But I’m just gonna put this out there – as someone who comes from a military family I find this meme offensively flippant.

And to post it on Memorial Day? To use the memory of those in the armed forces who gave their lives in service to our country as some #takeaknee jab on Instagram or Twitter?

Well, I think we might have different definitions for patriotism.