Imperfect Family: Herding Chickens and Other Adventures in Adoptive and Foster Care

“When my daughter came home I found myself well out of my depth parenting the girliest of girly-girls. She loved pink and Disney princesses. She owned a pair of sparkly high-heels and wore them despite being unable to walk very far. She was seven. I hated those heels with a fiery feminist passion. They wreck a woman’s spine. They represent a misogynistic ideal and so on. However, she brought them with her from foster care. She loved them. They were hers and therefore taking them away would be a violation of her possessions and her past. I was trapped.”

You’re not psychic. Not even a little.: RomComDojo

“I always think it’s weird when someone casually throws out, “I’m psychic,” the way one might throw out, “I have blue eyes.”

You know, like being psychic is a thing.  Like you are capable of literally seeing the future.

Let’s really parse that one out here.  Because it’s Monday and, believe me, I’m suffering for it.  Let’s suffer together.

I mean, do you really know what you’re saying when you tell me you’re psychic? You are saying, out loud, with no shame, in front of other humans, in the 21st century, that you have magical powers.”

5 Birthday Cards for Turning 40: No Domestic Diva

“I’ve got just one more full day in my 30’s before I cross into my 40’s, and let’s just say I’m still adjusting to the idea.  On the one hand, I’m old enough to know I should be grateful to turn another year older, but on the other hand CAN I HAVE A DAMN MINUTE TO ACCLIMATE MYSELF.

In my regular fashion, I prefer to use humor as a way to help me adapt to things that make me uncomfortable like crossing into middle age. And since I always end up making my own cake and buying my own gifts (like this gift from me to me), I figured I might as well start doing my own birthday cards as well.  Here’s five cards perfect for any woman heading into her 40’s:”

Don’t Look Away: Adoptee Out Loud

“How many times in my life have I felt the weight of those who have looked down, instead of meeting my eyes, meeting my heart when it comes to adoption?

I said:  I thought of my biological family my entire life.
They said: think about all your adoptive family has done for you.

I said: I need to feel loved.
You said: God planned my separation from my family.

I said: I prayed that my family would not have let me go.
You said: We prayed that she wouldn’t change her mind.”

On Pulling Weeds and Fighting Back: How (and Why) to Protect Abortion Rights: Bitches Get Riches

“The thing is, [the weeds] didn’t really appear out of nowhere.

I knew they were coming…

When they finally make their move and show themselves, I am ready.

The recent changes to the state laws of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, and Utah regarding abortion and reproductive rights shocked a lot of people. Suddenly, everything was happening everywhere, all at once.

But these new laws didn’t appear out of nowhere.

I knew they were coming. And so did a lot of other people.”