1.  I can only step over boxes to find shoes so many times before screeching ENOUGH! because it’s time to unpack or buy all new shoes. I chose the less expensive option.

2.  Eventually knocking over a bin on that 2am pee run became a real possibility.

3.  Breaking a toe by kicking a bin on that 2am pee run became even more of a possibility.

4.  I’m pretty sure that pair of sandals I’ve been looking for is in the corner over there. Under some towels, behind a purse, inside a bin.

5.  People are coming. For lunch. PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR LUNCH.

6.  Even the dogs started weaving around boxes like it was totally normal.

7.  Saying, “Oh sure, we’re almost done” was getting harder and harder to say with a straight face.


9.  There has got to be more to life than a) spending my days unpacking or b) spending my evenings feeling guilty I didn’t unpack.

10.  That much Sterilite was really messing with our Feng Shui.