That, My Friends, Is an Inequality: Best of Joeyfully Stated

“Before I carried my babies, I thought abortion should be legal, accessible, and affordable. 
Everyone who disagreed, including my dear friend, Beauty Queen, said that when I had babies of my own, I’d change my mind.

Are you fucking kidding me?
I’ve had trouble getting pregnant, I’ve had trouble staying pregnant, I’ve lost babies, and I’ve delivered two.
Now that I’ve experienced it all, I can say with great certainty that I still think abortion should be legal, accessible, and affordable.”

Whoo, Boy. Let’s Talk About Feminism: I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog

“As I sat at an old-timey diner counter at seven p.m., a woman and her male companion – presumably, her boyfriend or her husband – sat down across from me. The woman asked the waitress behind the counter if they had any green apples. The waitress apologized, no, they did not. Red apples? No. What kinds of fruits do you have? Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, maybe some canned pineapple in the back.  “She’s on a diet,” her boyfriend explained. The boyfriend left for about five minutes, while the woman sat at the diner counter, looking around, checking her phone. The restaurant was filled with the smells of meaty grease, the college kids in the corner booth drinking milkshakes and flicking the paper bits of the straw wrappers at one another. When her boyfriend returned, producing a green apple, the waitress brought her a plate, upon the woman carefully sliced the apple into eight sections. She removed a small jar of organic peanut butter from her purse and used the diner knife to spread the peanut butter onto the apple. She ate in tiny, deliberate bites. Her boyfriend had a salad and a chicken sandwich.”

Can We Get Real About Allyship?: Only Black Girl

“First of all, ally is not a title you get to give yourself. You have to earn it and be given that cosign by the communities you claim to work with. You don’t get to decide whether or not you are helping underrepresented communities sufficiently. That would be like me giving myself the title of a lawyer after watching Law & Order once. We will decide if your contributions and actions are enough to be considered an ally, otherwise y’all will continue to the bare minimum and give yourself that feel good title. We have this rule for a reason, it’s not just us being picky and “difficult” if you are giving yourself the title of an ally, that means you are truly here to fight for and protect minority groups. So if shit goes down, we come to you for help and you ain’t nowhere to be found…you have just put us in more danger. If I am dealing with racism at work, and you have presented yourself as an ally, I expect you to be front and center to back me up. But 9 times out of 10, y’all are cowering in your cubicles hoping nobody asks you about the issue because you don’t want to get involved. You’re not an ally.”

Let Me Make This Very Clear: Let Me Start By Saying

“Let me make this very clear for those of you who are still confused about why so many of us are angry right now.

I have had boys I knew pull my hair without permission, hurting me because they thought I was pretty.

I have had boys I knew snap my training bra strap without permission, hurting and embarrassing me because they like me.

I have been told by boys I knew that I didn’t get invited to the party because it was common knowledge that I didn’t put out.

I have had strangers tell me to smile because I’m prettier when I do.

I have had strangers tell me I am a bitch because I would not smile at them.”