I just spent the last two nights watching the Democratic Debates. Here, in no particular order, are some of my thoughts on the matter.

1.  Is anyone else super psyched that six women have stepped forward for consideration? Seriously, that’s awesome.

2.  Elizabeth Warren was trending on Wednesday night in a number of ways. Here’s one of my favorites:

  • “Elizabeth Warren has never gone over her allotted time at a conference. Not even once.” @triciamatthew
  • “Elizabeth Warren doesn’t make everyone attend a meeting for business that can get done over email.” @Sonja_Drimmer
  • “Elizabeth Warren always knows exactly what she wants when she gets to the front of the Starbucks line and never holds everyone else up.” @AlishaGrauso
  • “Elizabeth Warren throws her water away and never has anything in her pockets when she goes through airport security.” @shannonrwatts

3.  Ten people is a lot to have miked up on a stage. Like a lot a lot.

4.  Thirty second responses really highlight who has their message straight and who’s blowing smoke.

5.  Am I the only one who doesn’t recognize some of these people?

6.  I’m good with the Spanish. The Spanish is cool.

7.  Listen, I know I lean left. I get it. But I struggle to understand why some of these concepts are controversial – Healthcare as a human right. If you need a license to drive then you should need a license to own a gun. – These seem, I dunno…logical.

8.  Did a man just say he’s the one on stage who’s worked the hardest to support women’s reproductive rights? When there are three women on stage WITH HIM? Doh.

9.   Gotta say I’m enjoying a straight exchange of ideas and proposals. Trump’s name was barely even mentioned on night one.

10.  Bill De Blasio standing on stage with a black man and saying his black son sets him apart is peak privilege. Damn.

11.  Night two brings youngster candidate tossing out “pass the torch” to the older candidates. Cue pregnant pause.

12.   “America does not want to witness a food fight.” YAS, Kamala Harris. Rein that nonsense in.

13.  I loved Barack Obama. I really did. He isn’t on this stage tonight so let’s keep our eye on the ball.

14.  Oh my gosh, Kamala Harris is kicking ass and taking names. She did not pull any punches on Biden’s civil rights record.

15.  Yeah, Biden blew it on this busing thing. The states weren’t fulfilling their duty to integrate. The federal government had a moral obligation to protect its citizens.

16.  “‘My first call would be to the prime minister of New Zealand’ was not on anyone’s drinking game list.” @KimberlyEAtkins  Bwahahaha!!!

17.  Sorry not sorry, the plan for wielding that executive order pen ASAP sounds solid to me.

18.  Moderator: In one or two words…  Candidate: First let me expand on my last three answers…

19.  For the love, people, IN ONE OR TWO WORDS.

20.  Nope, none of them, not a single one answered in one or two words. I think they need to cut their mics. Either that or a trap door to drop them under the stage. I’m good either way.

21.  OH MY LORD ALMIGHTY, did that woman just say she’s going to harness the power of LOVE to defeat Trump?! WHAT?? Nobody told me I’d need Depends to watch this thing.

22.  Am I the only one who forgot Buttigieg is gay until his closing argument? Yeah, totally slipped my mind. I think that’s a good thing.

23.  Look, I’ll say it. I have trouble with the age thing. 70, 76, and 77 are problematic for me.

24.  It says something about the state of politics in America that I got choked up at the sight of so many poised adults capable of expressing themselves coherently during a debate.

25. “Kamala Harris had a moment that was 2 hours long. A star was born tonight,” said Van Jones. He’s not wrong.

26.  And because I just can’t let the Williamson closing argument go…”Addressing Trump, she adds: ‘Sir, love will win.'” Then a unicorn puked up rainbows behind her podium.

27.  Wow, I’m a little snarky tonight.

28.  Have I told you how much I hate crosstalk? It seriously stresses me out. Watching twenty people try to get their ideas out there is giving me palpitations.

29.  On the plus side, I understand 99% of what’s on twitter right now.

30.  Time to narrow this down to a reasonable number of potential candidates and get to work learning where they stand.