1.  It’s hot in North Carolina. So hot. So ridiculously, unbearably hot.

2.  Plus muggy. So much of the muggy. It’s wring-your-clothes-out-at-the-end-of-the-day kind of muggy.

3.  My car was parked outside from 8:00-10:00am yesterday. I’d left the windows cracked in the teensiest tiniest hope that maybe it would ease the pain of reentry, but when we climbed back in the dash read 101 degrees. One hundred and one degrees. At ten in the morning! Come on, man.

4.  Science Girl wondered aloud if it’s because my car is black. Maybe. Maybe not. The point was moot as we sweltered away inside this car.

5.  I’ve got two words for you: boob sweat. The struggle is real.

6.  Weather like this makes dressing up tricky. Too much material and I melt going from the car to the venue. Too little and it’s shiver central in the air conditioning.

7.  Shrugs are a girl’s best friend.

8.  How many of you guys had to google “shrugs” just then?

9.  BrightSide gets a bit snippy when I complain about being hot. To be fair, he’s usually wearing pants and a suit jacket while I moan about overheating in a sundress so he just might have a point.

10.  I’m really gonna need all those super sciency brains out there to get working on Chapstick with a higher melting point. We can get that done, right?