Would (or do) you stop to help (presumably) stranded folks by the side of the road?

I really struggle with this one. I want to stop, but I’ve always weighed how risky it would be. Once I had kids riding around with me this became a solid no – there was no way to be sure I wouldn’t put myself or the kids in danger. The last time we stopped our family was on the way to the lake when we saw a mother and young girl sitting with their car near an intersection in the country. We made sure they had help on the way then shared the water and snacks we had with us. I was grateful BrightSide was with us so we could stop.

Do you think the world is less mannerly today than in past times OR are we just more touchy and manners are as they’ve always been?

No, I’d say things are definitely less mannerly. There’s something about being told to f*ck off over a parking space that makes one weep for humanity.

What happens if you’re scared half to death, TWICE?

Then it sounds like someone’s really good at following through.

If ALL the world’s a stage, where does the audience sit?

There shall be no sitting. NONE. Everybody is to walk the aisles in an endless standing ovation. Thank you very much.

Share your thankful comments here.   It’s a gorgeous day most places, so celebrate!

The flowers are blooming, the kitty is snuggly, the dogs have behaved wonderfully with our sleepover guests, and we found someplace that makes the best salmon and she-crab soup in town. Mmmm.

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