I stumbled across this blog post last week and thought it gives an interesting perspective from Americans abroad. Have you had similar experiences in your travels, either domestic or international? Share your thoughts in the comments.

“This past Saturday I went to a local mall in Tokushima to do some shopping with my girlfriend, J. As we were walking to the ATMs, a few preteen girls and a mom came walking toward us from the opposite direction. I heard the girls start to giggle as they passed us, so I turned around, wondering if they might be reacting to J’s hair. She rocks a natural afro. She regularly has to deal with people mocking her hairstyle here in Japan, where afro wigs are often worn for comedic effect.

When I turned around I saw that the group had stopped, maybe 8 yards away. Two of the girls turned back toward us, still giggling — and then I saw one of them take out her phone and very obviously try to take a picture of J.”

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