We’re gonna have to talk about this. I know “no collusion” is the battle cry, but we have information that a foreign country gained access to our voting system. In all fifty states. Something’s gotta happen to buck up security, man.

A lot happened on Wednesday. This is a good look at what we learned from Mueller’s testimony. It’s worth checking out.

I try not to use Trump’s tweets on here but…Sweden has let our African American Community down? Sweden? I’m gonna need receipts on this one to see exactly how many rallied around your defense of a black rapper overseas right after you told four American Congresswomen of color to go back where they come from.

me: “She’s a backwards, racist bigot who doesn’t belong out in civil society.”

them: “But she’s white. And reverse racism. And they were being loud while she was trying to have dinner.”

me: “Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time.”

And because dammit, sometimes twitter brings the funny with its truth: