1.  Margarita buckets. Did you know you can buy a bucket – an entire bucket – of margarita mix, stir in a bottle of tequila, pop that baby in the freezer and voila! Frozen margaritas for the foreseeable future. You do have to wait 24 hours for it to freeze. Have a beer in the meantime.

2.  “Foreseeable future” is relative to the number of folks who enjoy a frosty margarita. But still. Mmm.

3.  Also Rumchata. Google it. That sh*t’s delicious.

4.  Inflatable floats. Preferably with cup holders.

5.  Feeding the fish who live under the dock.

6.  Sunscreen that smells like a coconuty tropical paradise.

7.  A great radio station to play while you’re floating.

8.  Sea bands that actually keep me from getting seasick on the boat.

9.  Long sleeved swim shirts to put on when my arms start getting prickly. Lands End makes some that aren’t cut for 110 pound surfer girls. God bless grownup clothes.

10.  Jalapeño poppers. All the jalapeño poppers. Yum.