Please note: This is an entirely random tweet selection. Because let’s face it – there’s no way in hell I can make this a balanced representation of twenty freaking candidates, especially seeing as I didn’t start writing it until night two of the democratic presidential debates. So if it strikes my fancy and WordPress will link it then it’s in. Enjoy.


She’s not wrong.

Yep. And hey, white people, Google is your friend.

Also not wrong. Maybe some sage burning, too.

Don’t come at me, Bernie supporters. This really is a great meme.

Right? I count six women over two nights fighting to be the democratic candidate for president. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

Yikes, right? But how many of you went well….yeah.

This actually made me cheer. Loudly.


Also this. Dying here.

Things you never thought you’d need to hear from your presidential candidates…love it. Absolutely love it.

Alrighty then, I’m only putting two things on my wish list:

Fewer candidates.  Like, I get this is the process. It’s how we learn about a cross section of qualified candidates. But this is too many! My brain can’t make sense of it! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE NARROW THIS FIELD!

Spreadsheets.  Debates are interesting but they’re also a nightmare for visual learners. I’m all okay, that’s valid, but what did that guy over there say about his plan? And how is hers different from that? Just put some spreadsheets out there covering the major issues and I’ll be forever in your debt.