1.  It’s time. It’s really really time.

2.  You’ve done the sleeping in until 1:00pm thing. You’ve snoozed like the dead until you walked around like half baked zombies with your hair stuck up all weird. Okay, sure, it’s been entertaining, but it’s time to actually use those brain cells.

3.  You’ve eaten like frat boys after a bender. Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Mac and cheese. Soda like it’s going out of style. We desperately need to return to some sort of normal here.

4.  You’re up until all hours of the night, gaming and texting and such. I’m old. I’m tired. I seriously need more sleep than this.

5.  No one person can be expected to check this many texts in a single morning without losing their ever-loving mind.

6.  I’m torn between hoping we own viewership based stock in Netflix and shrieking, “You’re watching something called Vampire Diaries? REALLY?!”

7.  Not for nothing but I’d really enjoy getting back to knowing you’ll at least duck into daily showers. Just sayin.

8.  The dogs could use the peace and quiet.

9.  We really must transition from getting ready for school to being in school because the stress of lists and requirements and what am I forgetting now is turning me gray(er).

10.  Also – and don’t get me wrong, your very presence is a gift, my darlings – but if you interrupt me again just as I’ve finally grabbed hold of a train of thought mommy is gonna lose her shit. Truly. School is safer for all of us.