1.  Because I’ve told at least six people around here I’ll be back in the gym today and I’m irrationally stubborn when it comes to publicly bailing.

2.  And now I’ve told at least sixty more of you (seventy on a good day) so my booty sure as shootin’ better be gym bound or I’ll have to get really creative with the excuses.

3.  I’m pretty sure nobody here would buy “I was worried I’d run out of gas.” “The dog wouldn’t let me” isn’t much better.

4.  There’s no law saying I have to wear spandex.

5.  Who doesn’t want to roll out of bed into a sports bra and t-shirt every day.

6.  Say it with me: endorphins endorphins endorphins.

7.  I need the “diet and exercise” answer for the next time those cholesterol numbers come back elevated.

8.  I’ll admit it. There’s these jeans in my closet…

9.  It’s not all waistline, I really do want to be healthier. Core strength, muscle tone, all that jazz. But also the jeans.

10.  I have a feeling mashed potatoes with gravy are making a comeback in my life. Mmm…