Tact is my superpower.

No, seriously, I am my mother’s daughter. I can take harsh observation and couch it in gentler, more palatable terms. Don’t get me wrong, the core meaning is still sharp as a brand new set of Ginsu knives – it’s just in a slightly prettier package.

Not that I always remember to harness my superpower. Like last week – Bear’s in her second season of playing volleyball and I was trying to explain one of the finer sticking points to my dad. Specifically, why the ref kept stepping onto the court to discuss player position.

What I thought was this: Players have to be standing in their set rotation before the ball’s put into play.

What I said was this: Players have to stand in the order the coach lists their numbers. They aren’t allowed to switch positions on the court before the play starts. So like if that girl stinks at the net you can’t just swap in a girl from the back who’s good up there.

BrightSide turned in disbelief as he prompted “If she’s not as strong at the net…” I believe there may have been a bit of eye rolling included – that’s when I processed all the other parents around us and how that must have sounded. Guess my superpower was on the fritz that day.

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