1.  No. Absolutely not. I absolutely will not reference pumpkin spice anything in this post.

2.  I’m beginning to doubt I’ll ever fully de-sweat my summer t-shirts.

3.  The urge to wear jeans is a memory so faint I barely recall how it feels.

4.  The thought of enjoying that time right before sunset without being devoured by mosquitos is enough to make me yearn for a glass of wine on the deck. Yearning is okay. Not having to yearn is even better.

5.  Socks sound like they might feel good again.

6.  Slippers, too. Mmm…

7.  I miss wearing my boots.

8.  Now I can’t stop thinking about all my comfort clothing. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, fluffy socks, that really soft long sleeve shirt that’s perfectly broken in – all things that are firmly off my Yes list during the summer.

9.  While I don’t really do s’mores anymore and I can’t stand in a bonfire’s smoke without bloodshot eyes for days, I do actually love the smell of those fires. Just from a distance.

10.  Coffee (regular old coffee, not to be confused with anything that may or may not resemble a trendy flavored coffeehouse drink) not only tastes good but it has a comforting warmth to it.