We’re wrapping up week two of yes, I am totally serious about this gym thing, I SHALL PREVAIL and shocker of shockers, there’ve been some revelations along the way. Let’s talk.

Not all sports bras are the same, am I right, ladies? Full disclosure: I’ve had the same six sports bras for a couple of years now. UnderArmour with basically zero support – they’re pretty much ideal for couch surfing and any exercise that doesn’t require, y’know, bouncy movement. Weight training, sure. But elliptical machines? That’s a hell no. Which means recommitting to being healthy means buying more booby protecting apparel, and do you know how freaking expensive those things are? Sheesh.

I am seriously hardcore about staying hydrated. I carry a water bottle everywhere now and refill it all day long. This keeps me liquid neutral, but it also means I spend an inordinate amount of time peeing. So I might be healthier but I’m also doubling my personal responsibility for destroying the rain forest. Not sure how the environment feels about that trade off.

Falling under the you’re sh*tting me category: I never in a million years thought I’d return to being a daily gym gal. Seriously, I figured there was a better chance of parachute pants coming back in style, so the concept that I might ever voluntarily hit the gym TWICE a day wasn’t even a blip on my radar. Apparently the universe enjoys flipping me the bird because T-man needs a ride to work out in the afternoons. So here I am, twice a day, sweating the good sweat. Do I get bonus points?

Blu-ray, schmu-ray – my earbuds are just fine, thanks, I don’t need no fancy audio gear. But then there’s that moment when I’m in a power sprint on the elliptical and find myself teetering just a little bit as I try to untangle a cord from the handle…I’ve managed not to pitch sideways off the machine so far but given my history of accident-proneness I’m thinking I might be pushing it.

Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” will always, always push me through the last three minutes and then some.