The Homestead Detention Center – believed to be the only for-profit child detention center for migrants – is a 2,700-bed facility in Homestead, Florida. It became vacant on August 3, 2019. Jonathan Hayes, the acting director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, testified at a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on Wednesday where he clarified that taxpayers are paying $600 per bed each day for the facility. At a charge for 1,200 beds that comes to $720,000 a day or $33 million in 46 days to keep the Homestead detention center up and running without any children present.



Whistleblower. It’s right there in the name – somebody sees something that looks not quite right, they can’t go to their boss, so they tell a third party. There are protections in place for this. Laws and such. There’s even a law that states some whistleblower complaints must get passed up the chain.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson received one of those complaints on August 9, 2019, a complaint he deemed “urgent and credible”. That’s the legal threshold requiring its transmission to Congress, except it seems the acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire consulted with the Justice Department and countered the complaint did not meet that threshold. So one agency received a whistleblower complaint about alleged multiple acts by the president involving Ukraine, and another blocked the lawful transmission of that complaint to a body for investigation.

What the hell?!


Granted, pork slaughterhouses aren’t a sexy cause. Thinking too long and hard about what goes on there is a bit stomach churning, but at least there’ve been safety precautions in place that make enjoying bacon or a pork chop less freakout worthy. But now the Trump administration is looking to roll back several of those precautions that will allow slaughterhouses to drastically increase their line speeds. A new rule reduces the number of government food safety inspectors by 40 percent and would remove most of the remaining inspectors from production lines. They’ll replace those inspectors with – wait for it – their own company employees. Oh, and they’re not required to receive any training.

What could possibly go wrong.


Y’all, I couldn’t even finish watching this. What in the actual f*ck.

This is what we’re raising. This is the toxic masculinity and entitlement we’ve reaped from generations of – I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT. The only thing that rivals the horror of this beating is that a bunch of adults tried to sweep it under the rug.