I’ve been trying to write this post all day. Brainstorm, draft, delete. Brainstorm, draft, delete. It’s gotten to the point I skip right over the first two steps, fingers hovering over the keyboard with nary a click, thus rendering the third step moot. So here we are at 9:00pm and it’s time to call mercy. Save the thrice deleted draft and live to fight another day, so to speak.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings a bit more clarity.

Maybe it’s not so much clarity, though, and more that my brain is ringing like a malfunctioning pinball machine. It’s not just me, right? The news hit tornado levels today, violently flying around the stratosphere, upending everything in its path. We swirled from proceed with impeachment hearings to calls for the whistleblower’s report to a summary of the Ukraine call to the accidentally e-mailed talking points and on and on…somewhere along the way my brain kinda short circuited.

There’s just no way I could focus long enough to finish a small bites post so I guess you’re stuck with my ramblings today. Apologies.

I woke to a cat sitting on my belly this morning. Apparently 7:00am is a totally reasonable hour for feline hijinks.

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about the dogs. Cesar Milan would shame me for the lack of exercise around here, so instead of hitting the gym I took the fur babies for a walk. Not our regular thirty minute jaunt – oh no, this was an outing. An epic adventure that led us down our street, across the way, around a pond and back again. It was two and a half miles that took us past a house where ninety pound dogs charged the gate. For the last twenty minutes poor Gracie plodded along as I practiced my motivational speaker skills but we eventually made it home where we collapsed, sweaty but exhilarated.

I had to replace the basement litter box because Mia broke the flappy door thing. Here are my notes.

  • I love our magic litter. It has some kind of black hole quality that collapses odor in on itself.
  • I love the new box with its Gracie-deflecting door.
  • The weight of a bag of this litter could take a grown man to his knees. Good God.

Merriam-Webster has been doing some masterful trolling.

And yes, I know I just solidified geek status by admitting I follow Merriam-Webster.

I made the yummiest dinner this week. Seriously, it was so much yummy I’m sure it’ll show back up before too much time passes. Now I just have to sell my kid on grits with fish.

On a side note, where has Cajun seasoning been all my life?