A few months ago I learned that the US Women’s National Soccer Team would be playing a Victory Tour game close to us. Anyone who follows my social media knows I was obsessed with the World Cup over the summer. Even Mia got in on the fun.

Let’s just say the kids stopped jumping when I’d randomly yell things like WHAT?! ARE YOU BLIND?? 

So when I learned the women’s team would be playing a mere two hours from our house I did the only logical yet wildly irresponsible thing imaginable. I packed up my daughter on a 98 degree day and drove those two hours. Through rush hour traffic and construction. For an 8:00pm game. ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. Once in a lifetime and all that jazz, man.

Here are a few things I learned.

1.  You forget how crazy hardcore soccer fans look until you’re seeing them through the eyes of your 13-year-old daughter.

2.  You’d think it would matter that the sun’s going down when it’s 95 degrees. You’d think that would help. You’d be wrong.

3.  The look on your teen’s face when the guy behind you spills his beer and it pools on the cement under her feet and around her Nikes is priceless. Priceless.

4.  Letting your kid see you act the fool because this is so freaking cool, I can’t believe we’re here, AND THAT IS MEGAN RAPINOE RIGHT THERE! is important.

5.  Goals were scored. There was standing. And screaming. Except for the girl.

6.  I’m torn between knowing she was mortified by my display of crazy soccer mom and being impressed that she didn’t care what anyone thought when she kept her seat.

7.  There’s nothing for me to eat at stadium concessions. Not one damn thing.

8.  After the third KIND bar in six hours I kinda felt like vomiting. That’s nothing against KIND bars – I love a peanut butter KIND bar, ask anyone – but at a certain point a girl’s stomach demands real food.

9.  The US National Soccer Teams have their own fan group called the American Outlaws. Those are some die-hard, rowdy, relentlessly gung ho folks who sat behind a goal post and led cheers for 90+ minutes of play. It was really…something.

10.  Bear, before the game: “Can we get t-shirts to wear?” Bear, climbing out of the car before the game: “It’s kind of weird to be wearing the same shirt as everybody else.” Bear, after the game: “I really want a Dunn jersey. She’s awesome.”